About Vegan Omaha

Vegan Omaha started in January 2008 as the Omaha Vegan Meetup Group.  My reason for starting the group was to meet other Vegans (I knew a total of zero in Omaha) and to shine a spotlight on the Vegan friendly places around town.  The first Meetup started with 2 people and nowadays 20 or 30 show up.  Since 2008 we’ve seen restaurants become more Vegan friendly.  3 years and 25 Meetups later, we’ve realized a dream of a functional website that I hope everyone can find a use for.

We want to help vegans discover what’s to eat around town. Whether you live here, are just passing through, or are here for a visit, we hope that you’ll get some mileage out of the site.

That said, this site isn’t Yelp. We want to help businesses make vegan-friendly choices. Please keep that in mind when leaving reviews and make your criticisms the constructive kind. We don’t want to scare people away by being overly critical. Ideally, reviews will start with the stuff you do like and then discuss the ways things could be improved.  Thanks and have fun!

Go Omaha!
John McDevitt

Below are just a few comments and questions that might not be frequently asked yet, but we’re pretty sure will be.


You forgot to add…
We here at Vegan Omaha are always open to suggestions! If there is a restaurant you would like to see added, or new vegan options popping up at a restaurant that we’ve already listed, do let us know. We are always up for a vegan adventure and will hop in our veganmobile and investigate immediately.

Your site needs…
If there are ways you could see of improving the site, we’d like to hear them. But know that this is a labor of love, run by volunteers and completely not-for-profit. Once again, we ain’t Yelp! We might not be able to make the changes using the relatively simple WordPress platform and we don’t really have the budget for something else.

How can I get a restaurant listed?
If you’re a restaurant owner who would like to be listed, it’s really simple! Just offer a few good vegan options. Things like salad and fries won’t warrant a listing, but decent entrees and a willingness to accommodate reasonable vegan requests is all we’re looking for.

How can I make my establishment vegan-friendly?
If you are at a loss for how to make your restaurant more vegan-friendly then get in touch with us! We have a professional vegan chef on staff to help you with menu choices (for free!) Seriously.

And just a final note of encouragement for business owners…
Vegans are very loyal customers! We know that times are tough out there and every customer counts. Well, the vegan population is growing all of the time and we love to eat. Feed us!


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