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Indonesian Peanut Saute

Indonesian Peanut Saute

Embarrassingly good for a chain restaurant. Japanese Pan Noodles and Indonesian Peanut Saute holla.


4 Reviews of Noodles & Company

  1. dave laser says:

    These guys are kind enough to put tofu on their menu but they don’t just do it as an afterthought. Their tofu is done extremely well! it’s pressed, marinated, pan-fried, and slightly blackened to near-perfection. 2nd best restaurant tofu in town as far as i’m concerned and it’s not even deep fried!
    I usually go with japanese pan noodles because i like the fat udon noodles and they use pretty good quality mushrooms, but there are at least 5-6 other things on the menu that are vegan, because hey it’s pretty easy to make a noodle dish vegan. When my wife goes she just gets two orders of tofu plain with no noodles and just eats them like that. Yes the tofu is that good. Also they serve beer and wine.

    All in All: Great vegan fast food in a pinch. With this as fast food there’s now absolutely no reason for vegans to go to taco bell.

    Grateful For: Perfectly done tofu instead of how some other restaurants just do tofu as an afterthought.

    Vegan Wish: They do tofu great, and i wish they’d put the same amount of effort into maybe getting a seitan option. Yum!

  2. Emma says:

    I love Noodles and Company. Their manager, Tom, is awesome. He helps so much with figuring out what is vegan and what isn’t.. Only problem, if you don’t like spicy food the vegan options are somewhat limited.

  3. Rachael M says:

    I love the Japanese pan noodles! Their food is excellent, and their cabatta bread is also vegan. They are awesome with food allergies there also. I have never had a problem at any of their locations.

  4. Veronica says:

    Just tried the Japanese Pan Fried noodles with seasoned tofu and it was sooooooo good. Shared one order with my teen daughter and we are both stuffed. It has mushrooms, which I usually hate, but mixed in with the rest of the food and those were even good. It’s got a good spicy kick too. $8.80

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  • Counter service
  • Good vegan options
  • Does not serve alcohol
  • Does not deliver
  • Accepts major credit cards
  • Good for groups
  • No reservations needed
  • Gluten free options