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Found Some Ice Cream

Found Some Ice Cream

One of the best Whole Foods in the nation. Vegan pizza with Daiya, Chicago Diner cookies and cakes, lots of options at the Asian station, Vegan friendly hot buffet and deli case, panini, and lots of cafeteria style seating that is perfect for people watching or spying on a cooking class. Housed in a very upscale shopping center.


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  1. dave laser says:

    I think most people are aware of the plentiful options for vegans available at whole foods. What I want to mention is the pizza you can get from their pizza bar. Whole Foods stone-fired pizza is in my opinion the best vegan pizza available in omaha. the vegan cheese (daiya) is PILED on. The ingredients are incredibly fresh and high quality, especially the olives and the tomatoes. The crust is amazingly tasty. And finally you can’t really beat the price at 12.99 (or 9.99 on wednesdays). Honestly you probably get 12.99 worth of daiya on the pizza so the price is fantastic for what you get. And we’re talking about giant 16″ pizzas that a 200lb adult male could turn into three whole meals.

    So in summary, whole foods is full of great food, but don’t overlook their vegan pizza as it is widely considered (by me) to be the best vegan pizza in town.

    Ways to Improve: Some vegan seitan or tempeh options would be nice, but mostly just icing on the cake. Also rumor has it that now they offer seitan sawsage for their pizza but i haven’t tried it yet.

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Mon-Sat 8am to 10pm
Sun 8am to 9pm

  • Counter service
  • Excellent vegan options
  • Beer and wine available
  • Does not deliver
  • Accepts major credit cards
  • Good for groups
  • No reservations needed
  • Gluten free options