Block 16 Vietnamese Feast

As most of you know, Block 16 has been kicking ass when its comes to Vegan options. On any given day they have 3 or 4 choices that are mouth wateringly delicious. And on top of that, Block 16 has catered almost every Omaha Vegan Drinks with spectacular sandwiches. The owners, Paul and Jess, have been very accommodating and kind. So make sure you visit them often!

We were lucky enough to have a Meetup at Block 16 last summer. If you were there you know how amazing it was. This time, we were treated with a Vietnamese themed Meetup!

I love some Bahn Mi and this was no exception! The salad was amazing too; spicy, pickley and peanuty.


The refreshment of the night was lemongrass iced tea. Mmm, I wish they always had this for sale. Sooo good!


I’m not very familiar with pho, but I was really impressed. It’s a big soup with broth, tofu, rice noodles, fresh herbs and tons of veggies. Paul made the broth from scratch, and it was really rich and flavorful.


And the best part is you could add tons of basil, fresh lime juice and bean sprouts at your discretion. I added a lot.


Once again, Isa provided the delectable dessert, Blueberry Bliss Cheesecake, made from tofu, coconut and cashews.  What a way to end the night!


And last but not least, thank you to everyone who took a leap of faith and rsvped and paid to come to the Meetup. I hope you found it worth every penny. We sold out 28 seats in less than 12 hours, pretty crazy. Look for more Block 16 Meetups in the future and jackfruit tacos at Omaha Vegan Drinks this Thursday!

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