Vegan Friendly Crystal Jade

Unbeknownst to me till a couple months ago, Crystal Jade is one of the most Vegan friendly restaurants in Omaha. Featuring over 17 Vegan entrées, Crystal Jade fills a void with comfy booths, excellent service and delicious food. Steve and Shirley, along with the wonderful staff, bring the best of Pan-Asian cuisine to Omaha. With dishes ranging from Thai inspired curries to Chinese staples and even Indian dishes there is something for everyone here!

Crystal Jade Veggie Menu, click to read

Recently CJ hosted their second Vegan Buffet for us. Selections included Curry Noodle Soup, Curry Puff, Moo Shu Veggie & Jicama, Pad Thai Tofu, Tofu Green Curry, Crispy Eggplant Yellow Curry and Rendang Tofu.

Time to eat!

My personal favorite is the Lucky 7 Tofu entrée. I love how the tofu has a little crunch mixed with crisp eggplant. Other favorites include Mongolian Mock Duck, Curry Noodle Soup, Peanut Butter Tofu and of course the Vegan Egg Rolls.

Lucky 7, yum!

The great thing about Crystal Jade is that they are open to suggestions and requests. A frequent customer who happened to be Vegan encouraged Crystal Jade to mark the menu items as Vegan and also to offer more Vegan items. Recently we asked if they would they start carrying Mock Duck as an option. Aunt Shirley was more than happy to integrate it into the menu. Another bonus is if you ask how to make one of their cool garnishes, like a lily or a swan, they will show you right at your table!

Veggie Swan

All in all: We love this hidden jewel on 72nd st, Aunt Shirley always brings a smile!

Grateful for: The Vegan heavy menu with so many diverse offerings.

Vegan wish: Vegan Fortune Cookies.

>Check out the Vegan Omaha restaurant guide for more info on Crystal Jade

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  1. Amy says:

    Yay! I loved the Volcano Tofu.