Caffeine Dreams Vegan Social

Ever since starting the Vegan Meetups three years ago, I’ve wanted to have a laid back social event – something that would allow for moving around and talking (and of course eating!) So when Becky from Caffeine Dreams suggested that they would be open to a coffee and cupcake social, I was stoked. Becky reserved their big backyard garden and deck for us, and we prayed for no rain.

Jacqui Caniglia from La Charlotte provided all of the amazing Vegan baked goods; from cherry coffee cake to brownies and lemon muffins to vanilla cupcakes, all bases were covered. And of course Caffeine Dreams’ house-roasted fair-trade coffee is some of the best in Omaha. We had an amazing time and I can’t wait to do it again! Check it out:

Yin yang...chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, piled high with creamy frosting.

The brownies and cookies received high marks!

Cases of vegan cakes were a feast for the eyes.

Few could resist the urge to tweet their cupcakes.

A closer look at that cherry coffee cake.

Revelers sang the praises of the hummus plate

This happy family gets ready to dig in.

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