Dantes: Upping The Meetup Game

Vegan Omaha Meetuppers chowed down this past Sunday as Dante’s threw down the gauntlet and served up some of the best food we’ve had yet. The open and modern atmosphere lent itself for lots of fun conversation and table hopping, and the pizzas just kept on coming. Topping after yummy topping were devoured, from Margherita to grilled summer squash.

Each plate of family-style veggies seemed to want to outdo the last. Knowing that it all came from farms only a pizza stone’s throw away made it all the more delicious. Sweet and smoky oyster mushroom, creamy fingerling potato rubbed with fresh rosemary, asparagus with just the right amount (read: lots) of fresh garlic and olive oil, Dante’s pulled no punches.

Dante’s said they’d consider keeping the Teese vegan cheese on the menu, so show up and let them know there’s a demand for it. But, truth be told, their pizzas are so melt in your mouth delicious that they might not even need it!

The full bar with fresh and exciting mixed drinks made it all the more fun (the bartender wouldn’t disclose his secret, so we can’t even tell you what we had!) And we ended the evening with luscious slices of chocolate cake. What more could we ask for? We’ll definitely be back to Dante’s about a million and one times.

Here were some of the highlights:

Clockwise: Margherita pizza, fingerling potatoes, oyster mushrooms and a tasting plate.

Happy And Full Vegan Omahans


Was it the empty drink glass making these two so happy?

They let us eat cake!

This was a girly martini. We suspect grapefruit and maybe papaya?

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