Vegan Brunch at Pepe’s

It took us a year but Vegan Omaha finally returned to Pepe’s! It was great to be back in Lincoln to see new and old friends. Pepe whipped us up  a deluxe Vegan brunch. The menu included sweet potato quesadillas, sauteed seitan, roasted potatoes, homemade tortillas, salads with local greens, chili rellenos and scrambled tofu. And at the tables were overflowing bowls of guacamole and pico with chips.

The seitan and potatoes were amazing!

For dessert, Pepe’s pastry chef Lindsey baked gluten free plum tarts and avocado brownies. They were divine!

Thank you to Pepe and Lindsey for such an amazing experience! We’ll be back soon.

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One response to “Vegan Brunch at Pepe’s”

  1. Lydia says:

    So yummy and so much fun! Those chile rellenos were divine!! Thank you to all involved in putting this even together!