Casablanca Moroccan Cafe – The Meetup

Many tummies were filled Sunday night at the Casablanca Cafe Meetup. Lots of new members were there, along with the regulars. Chef Hamid made a feast fit for a king! Or around 30 kings as it were.

More hummus than you can shake a pita at

Happy meetuppers getting ready to dig in

Veggies with fragrant Moroccan spices with rice

Braised squash and root veggies over flavorful cous cous

Chef Hamid finished the meal off with smoothies!

If you didn’t make it to the Meetup, make sure you visit Casablanca and tell them you are Vegan. Chef Hamid is excited to feed you!

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2 responses to “Casablanca Moroccan Cafe – The Meetup”

  1. Jamie Walker says:

    Now I know where to go when I am in Omaha – this is AWESOME.

  2. Joanne says:

    I ADORE Middle Eastern food and all of this looks amazing! What a great meet-up!