Omaha Vegan Drinks!

Earlier this year I attended the March edition of ATX Vegan Drinks. It was a blast! They served Vegan White Russians (with a cherry no less) and a few food trucks were stationed outside so you could stuff your face with whatever you were craving. It was a great time and everyone was having fun and being social. In the back of my mind, I’ve always wanted to have an Omaha Vegan Drinks, ever since the original Vegan Drinks in NYC has been so influential.

Well, this Halloween I was invited to go to Goth dancing at House of Loom and after having a couple drinks there, I knew it was the right spot for Omaha Vegan Drinks. Great drinks, wonderful decor, mellow lighting and a commitment to local organizations. Everything fell into place!

Awesome artwork by Amanda Chronister!

We set the first Vegan Drinks for November 29th, 2012. I expected a decent turnout but it exceeded my expectations. About 40 people showed up! Sure, we had our regular Meetupers, but we also attracted the veg curious and fans of House of Loom. Block 16 took 24 pre-orders on their amazing BBQ Seitan and Smoked Tofu Sandwiches and were kind enough to drop them off for us.

Great mood and atmosphere

House of Loom already had some Vegan mixed drinks, but they created a couple more just for us. My beloved Vegan White Russian is now a “Coconut Almond Caucasian” and our Straight Edge friends have the amazing “Ginger Beet” to swig down.

Pick Your Elixer

Coconut Almond Caucasian and Ginger Beet Virgin

Another thing that excited me was the amazing staff who did some research on Vegan alcoholic drinks and seem excited about learning new things. The owners, Brent Crampton and Ethan Bondelid, were very enthusiastic about the prospect of hosting Omaha Vegan Drinks.  So much so that they’ve reserved the last Thursday of every month for Omaha Vegan Drinks!

The first of many Coconut Almond Caucasians!

And if the faboulous staff, owners, location, food and patrons weren’t enough, regular Vegan Omahans Julianna Klepfer, Kelly Klepfer and Lindsey Cayer made the most amazing Vegan “cheeze.” Their recipes were from the cookbook Artisan Vegan Cheese by Miyoko Schinner. The cheeses were all so unique and delicious!

Thank you ladies!

So thank you to everyone who organized and attended, I can’t wait for the next Omaha Vegan Drinks. Hope to see you there!  Follow us at Omaha Vegan Drinks Facebook and Twitter.


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2 responses to “Omaha Vegan Drinks!”

  1. Lex says:

    Wow, amazing! Congrats for you & your vegan drinkers!

  2. John McDevitt says:

    Thank you! I’d love to attend a L.A. Vegan Drinks sometime.