Crystal Jade & Omaha Vegan Drinks: December

Talk about a great end of the year for Vegan Omaha! On December 16th, Crystal Jade hosted another amazing buffet and made our holiday wishes come true.

Crystal Jade seems to be one of the more popular Meetups and it’s easy to see why. All-you-can-eat Vegan food, a great selection, super-friendly service and a price that can not be beat. You know I’ll be planning the next Crystal Jade Meetup soon!

And on December 27th we had our second Omaha Vegan Drinks at House of Loom. I can’t even tell you how pleased I am with the House of Loom staff. They have turned this little thing I’ve always wanted to do into a reality. Just look at this cocktail list…

Completely different offerings for the new month! Benjamin has done some crazy research so us Vegans can drink in style. You can see Benjamin and Jocelyn putting together the amazing Vegan Nog. It was hella good! To prove it, I consumed four.

So, in addition to the fact you are getting the best Vegan cocktails in Omaha (and probably the country), Block 16 is delivering superb gourmet Vegan sandwiches to House of Loom. This month the choices were a Seared Cambodian Curry Tofu Sandwich with Roasted Veggies or the Homemade Soft Pretzel. As you can see below, this is atypical bar food for an atypical bar.

Thank you to House of Loom, Block 16 and especially all of the attendees. You are proving that there is a market for Vegan things in Omaha. I’m really excited to see where the city will be in a year. Now, let’s start working on those Vegan donuts!


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