Spring Events!

Spring is here! Well, I’m just going to gloss over the snow we just had, but technically it’s Spring. In the next two months, there are some cool events you should check out!

Omaha Vegan Drinks (March 28th)

Your favorite bartenders are back for the newest edition of Omaha Vegan Drinks at House of Loom! Last month was amazing with a Horchata that was to die for. What wondrous thing will Benjamin think of next? Come see! Also, don’t forget to reserve your Block 16 Vegan Italian Sausage, sooo good. No Omaha Vegan Drinks in April (vacation!), so get your fix now.

Crystal Jade Spring Buffet (April 7th)

Everyone’s favorite buffet is back! Yes, the Crystal Jade Spring Buffet is sure to start your Spring off right. All of your favorites will be there (in my case, the Lucky 7.)  Can’t wait!

Pepe’s (May 12th)

After Mother Nature decided to cancel our Pepe’s Meetup earlier this month, Pepe and I have come up with the snow-friendly and farmers market-friendly date of May 12. If you haven’t been to Pepe’s new location, now’s the time. And there’s that Vegan Avocado Cheesecake that you know you want to devour 🙂 See ya soon!

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