Downtown Vegan Foodcrawl!

Last week was the amazing Downtown Vegan Foodcrawl put together by Dishcrawl Omaha. It was exciting to go to four different restaurants (in downtown no less) and have some gourmet Vegan food. The four places we visited were: Kitchen Table, Block 16, Indian Oven and Bliss Bakery. I had a great time and I look forward to the next one! Here is a little virtual food crawl in case you didn’t get to attend.

Kitchen Table– Kitchen Table is a new farm to table restaurant that just so happens to be very Vegan-friendly. In fact, our next Vegan Omaha Meetup is there on August 11th! But back to the foodcrawl…

We started off  strong with some Heirloom Bean & Greens, Smokey Carrot & Lentil Soup and PB&J w/ Peach Preserves & Mixed Nut Butter.

I really love Kitchen Table’s sandwiches and this was no exception. Loved the Peach Preserves, so tasty. Everything was great and I look forward to coming back very soon.


Block 16– We love Block 16, as I’m sure you all do, too. We’ve had some pretty cool Meetups there and I can wait to do another one soon. Oh, and they also supply every Omaha Vegan Drinks with sandwiches! Block 16 does it all.

Block 16 loves Vegans!

Mmmmm! So what we have here is a Mini Jackfruit Taco, a “Meatball” Slider and Gangsta & Dirty Fries. The Slider was amazing, I feel like I can eat 10 of those. The Jackfruit Tacos are the Vegan special for the month, so make sure you get one before the month’s out. But holy crap, those Gangsta & Dirty Fries…..where have these been all my life??? Damn they were good. I’m going to have to bug Block 16 to make them again. So good.


Indian Oven– For some reason I’ve never been to Indian Oven, thankfully that changed on the foodcrawl!

Vegan Menu!

Our candlelit dinner consisted of Bartha Ganouj, Pakoras and Stuffed Paratha. Pretty good stuff! I definitely have to go back to explore their normal Vegan options.


Bliss Bakery– Our final stop was, of course, dessert! We headed to Bliss Bakery, which makes Vegan pastries by request. Call ahead and they will whip you up something Vegan. And of course, next door is Aromas Coffeehouse so you have a great spot to chill, eat dessert and drink coffee.

What a way to end the foodcrawl! A Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake, A Strawberry Cupcake and a Lemon Coconut Cookie. The Strawberry Cupcake was insanely good, I need those in my life. I think a Vegan Coffee Social at Bliss/Aromas is in order!

Well, that was a heck of a night. Thank you to Rachel at Dishcrawl Omaha for taking a chance on a Vegan foodcrawl, what a success! Hope to go on another one soon.


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2 responses to “Downtown Vegan Foodcrawl!”

  1. So I didn’t get to do this. However, I went to Block 16 and had the crazy Jackfruit tacos. They are amazing. And freaky. Seriously, had I NOT had ongoing conversation with two people behind the counter while I waited for my takeout, I’d have assumed they got my order wrong. But we talked about Veg eating and foods and jackfruit and places to eat in Seattle. The “meat” is so much like pulled pork I was a little freaked out. Looks, texture, and a meat eater tried a piece and swore it was pork. Gotta get me some of that for home use.

  2. John McDevitt says:

    It’s good stuff! We need to buy some for home use too.