New Vegan Eats! Benson Brewery, Wilson & Washburn and TCBY

In the last few months, Omaha has seen an explosion of new Vegan eats! It seems our wildest dreams are coming true. Just think, last month Omaha didn’t have any beet burgers and now there are two. At this rate we’ll have a Vegan donut in no time! Here are some new eats you’ll find on the streets of Omaha.

Benson Brewery-

Benson’s newest brewery is now home to some amazing Vegan dishes. Benson Brewery now offers the Vegan Burger, Jars n’ Jumblers and the Grilled Summer Seitan.   All of the beers they brew are Vegan, too! The burger is yummy and beety and comes with some fries. The “Jars” consist of a creamy hummus, a flavorful olive tapenade, sweet potato puree and lots of housemade pickles. Including pickled grapes! Scoop it all up with an assortment of toasts. The seitan is homemade as well, and comes sauteed with summer veggies. On the side there’s edible soil, and some green pate things.

Wilson & Washburn-

Wilson & Washburn is a new bar in the downtown area. They may have only one main Vegan item (the Beet Burger) but it’s definitely worth the trip. Their burger is smothered from the bottom in an amazing peanut sauce. My mouth is watering! The Vegan sides are the House Cut Fries and the Beet Chips.


I haven’t been to a TCBY in like 20 years and honestly, I didn’t know Omaha still had any. Well amazingly, TCBY decided to partner up with Silk to create a Vegan frozen yogurt. It’s Chocolate Almond and I thought it was pretty darn good. It’s more on the gelato side than ice cream. I still love my Ted & Wally’s Vegan eats, but TCBY will be nice when I’m stuck out in West O.

And in the next couple months, look for Voodoo Taco and Culprit Cafe and Bakery to have even more Vegan options!

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