Kitchen Table Latin American Feast

Kitchen Table is a new farm to table restaurant in downtown Omaha. They always have Vegetarian options and most of those can be made Vegan. I knew from the first meal I had there that it would make a perfect place for a Vegan Omaha Meetup. The owners, Colin and Jessica, were super receptive and ready for our Vegan mob.

The menu for the night was Latin American Feast. Let’s explore it!

Before the food was brought out, everyone was treated to homemade Horchata. This was seriously one of my favorite beverages ever. It’s a creamy, refreshing drink made from almond and rice. It was almost like drinking ice cream.

The first course was a trio of Guacamole Tacos, and instead of tortillas, they used thinly sliced kohlrabi as the shells. So crisp and yummy! Also on the plate, Chili Rellenos and Stonefruit Mole. The perfect balance of hearty filling food and light and fresh food.

The second course was Papusas (which are like a fluffy tortilla.) Kitchen Table stuffed them with mushroomy stuff. So yummy! Loved the cole slaw and salsa too.

Dessert was made by Isa Chandra Moskowitz! Isa and the Kitchen Table crew had a fun time plating. The cake is a Spicy Chocolate Zucchini Bundt. It was served over a fun drizzle of Dark Chocolate Sauce, with some Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream (using cashews as a base.) All of the flavors were great together.

Thank you, Jessica and Colin! We hope to have another Meetup with you soon, and of course everyone will be visiting for your daily vegan offerings.

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