The V – Bowling Alley, Arcade and Vegan Friendly Restaurant!

I’d like to think I’m pretty on top of the Vegan scene in Omaha. Between the Meetups and meeting new people, I ‘d say I have my ear to the ground for new spots to eat. Well, I was taken aback last month when someone from The V contacted me and told me they had not just one, but four Vegan entrees. Come to find out, The V is a Bowling Alley/ Arcade/ Laser Tag/ Restaurant. How cool is that! So I scadoodled down there as fast as I could to check it out.

The restaurant is quite large and very nice. We were seated quickly and checked out the menu. Sure enough, four Vegan items! Slow Roasted Stuffed Portabella, Orange Tofu, Pomodorro Pasta and Quinoa Stuffed Pepper. It goes without saying that this menu is superb for a bowling alley/entertainment center.

My favorite of the Vegan entrees was the Orange Tofu. The flavor and presentation were excellent.

Quinoa Stuffed Pepper. This one had Indian flavors.

Slow Roasted Stuffed Portabella. A Mediterranean vibe.

Pomodorro Pasta. Obviously Italian!

And a secret Vegan item on the menu is the pizza without the cheese. Load up with veggies and sauce. Don’t forget the potatoes!

If you are looking for a place to take the kids or even just a spot in West O with more than one Vegan option, give The V a try!

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