Spring/Summer Vegan Omaha Wrap-Up

Howdy! It’s been a while. Yes, we’ve had Vegan Drinks every month, as well as a Night Flight, Kitchen Table and  a Crystal Jade Meetup, but I haven’t blogged at all this year. The reasons are simple: I’m busy, hahaha. If you follow the Vegan Omaha Facebook or Vegan Omaha Twitter, you’re pretty much up to date on Vegan goings on in and around Omaha. If not, here is a little six month wrap up, plus some bonus Modern Love!

House of Loom has been hosting Omaha Vegan Drinks for a year and an half. Like clockwork, the last Thursday of the month has been an amazing spectacle of Vegan cocktails. We love you House of Loom! Great drinks, great service and great people.

Back in February, Kitchen Table hosted Vegan Omaha Italian Night. It was a four course smorgasbord! It started off with porcini soup, panzanella salad and butternut squash gnocchi and ended with lemon olive oil cake. Kitchen Table went the extra mile and we love eating there on non-Meetup days too. Check for their daily soups, most of the time they have at least one Vegan kind, and they have at least one sandwich that can be made Vegan.

Blue Sushi introduced Seitan, Vegan mayo and Vegan tempura to their Veggie Maki menu this spring. The result was 8 different Vegan rolls! And the best part is that all of them are DELICIOUS!

Aromas Coffeeshop in Benson introduced Vegan Cupcake Thursday earlier this year. You can find four varieties of Vegan cupcakes, like Spiced Chai or Chocolate. So on Thursday, get your Vegan eats from Benson Brewery and get your dessert a couple feet away at Aromas!

May was our latest Crystal Jade buffet, which always seems to be the most popular Meetup. And why not? $18.99 for all you can eat Pan-Asian food. I love it because I’m so bad about ordering the same thing (Lucky 7), so having the buffet turns me on to new dishes. Also, don’t forget Vegan Night is Wednesdays! Free Curry Soup and half priced Vegan Egg Rolls and Curry Puffs.

Two Birds Bakery has expanded into Omaha via Caffeine Dreams and Omaha Bicycle Company (on Wednesdays.) So if you haven’t had a chance to make it into Elkhorn, make sure to stop in Dundee or Benson for their delicious baked goods! (this raspberry scone was amazing btw.)

I was just at Block 16 last week and I stumbled upon their new Vegan menu item, the Vegan Comrade. Super tasty (it has Tempeh) and a welcome addition to their huge Vegan selection.

After much debate about the bun, Blatt Beer & Table confirmed that their Vegetarian Currywurst is Vegan! It cures the need for good Vegan eats in the NoDo section of town and you can get it up until 10pm.

And last but not least is that little place off of 50th and Saddle Creek, you know, Modern Love. Opening at the end of July or early August, it’s sure to be next level Vegan food. Isa Chandra Moskowitz finally has a restaurant to show off her cooking skills. Being that it’s on the smaller side (30-35 seats), reservations will be encouraged though online rsvp. Sure to be a national Vegan destination, I’m excited Omaha is on the Vegan map, FOR REAL. Stay tuned to the Vegan Omaha Meetup page for a special Modern Love Meetup.

So that’s the first six months in a nutshell! I can’t wait for the next six. I hope you’re hungry!


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