New Vegan Omaha Shirts!



It’s black, sparkly and 100% rad. This comfy shirt is an Ink Tank Merch printed heather black American Apparel track tee with blue and silver shimmer. Tri-Blend (50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon) construction

Available in Unisex or Womens, the track tee does run a bit small, so take that into consideration. (unisex sizing chart and womens sizing chart)

The shirts are $17 shipped, woot!

*Update* I added a couple Unisex Grey shirts in as well, thanks!

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Kitchen Table Latin American Feast

Kitchen Table is a new farm to table restaurant in downtown Omaha. They always have Vegetarian options and most of those can be made Vegan. I knew from the first meal I had there that it would make a perfect place for a Vegan Omaha Meetup. The owners, Colin and Jessica, were super receptive and ready for our Vegan mob.

The menu for the night was Latin American Feast. Let’s explore it!

Before the food was brought out, everyone was treated to homemade Horchata. This was seriously one of my favorite beverages ever. It’s a creamy, refreshing drink made from almond and rice. It was almost like drinking ice cream.

The first course was a trio of Guacamole Tacos, and instead of tortillas, they used thinly sliced kohlrabi as the shells. So crisp and yummy! Also on the plate, Chili Rellenos and Stonefruit Mole. The perfect balance of hearty filling food and light and fresh food.

The second course was Papusas (which are like a fluffy tortilla.) Kitchen Table stuffed them with mushroomy stuff. So yummy! Loved the cole slaw and salsa too.

Dessert was made by Isa Chandra Moskowitz! Isa and the Kitchen Table crew had a fun time plating. The cake is a Spicy Chocolate Zucchini Bundt. It was served over a fun drizzle of Dark Chocolate Sauce, with some Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream (using cashews as a base.) All of the flavors were great together.

Thank you, Jessica and Colin! We hope to have another Meetup with you soon, and of course everyone will be visiting for your daily vegan offerings.

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New Vegan Eats! Benson Brewery, Wilson & Washburn and TCBY

In the last few months, Omaha has seen an explosion of new Vegan eats! It seems our wildest dreams are coming true. Just think, last month Omaha didn’t have any beet burgers and now there are two. At this rate we’ll have a Vegan donut in no time! Here are some new eats you’ll find on the streets of Omaha.

Benson Brewery-

Benson’s newest brewery is now home to some amazing Vegan dishes. Benson Brewery now offers the Vegan Burger, Jars n’ Jumblers and the Grilled Summer Seitan.   All of the beers they brew are Vegan, too! The burger is yummy and beety and comes with some fries. The “Jars” consist of a creamy hummus, a flavorful olive tapenade, sweet potato puree and lots of housemade pickles. Including pickled grapes! Scoop it all up with an assortment of toasts. The seitan is homemade as well, and comes sauteed with summer veggies. On the side there’s edible soil, and some green pate things.

Wilson & Washburn-

Wilson & Washburn is a new bar in the downtown area. They may have only one main Vegan item (the Beet Burger) but it’s definitely worth the trip. Their burger is smothered from the bottom in an amazing peanut sauce. My mouth is watering! The Vegan sides are the House Cut Fries and the Beet Chips.


I haven’t been to a TCBY in like 20 years and honestly, I didn’t know Omaha still had any. Well amazingly, TCBY decided to partner up with Silk to create a Vegan frozen yogurt. It’s Chocolate Almond and I thought it was pretty darn good. It’s more on the gelato side than ice cream. I still love my Ted & Wally’s Vegan eats, but TCBY will be nice when I’m stuck out in West O.

And in the next couple months, look for Voodoo Taco and Culprit Cafe and Bakery to have even more Vegan options!

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Downtown Vegan Foodcrawl!

Last week was the amazing Downtown Vegan Foodcrawl put together by Dishcrawl Omaha. It was exciting to go to four different restaurants (in downtown no less) and have some gourmet Vegan food. The four places we visited were: Kitchen Table, Block 16, Indian Oven and Bliss Bakery. I had a great time and I look forward to the next one! Here is a little virtual food crawl in case you didn’t get to attend.

Kitchen Table– Kitchen Table is a new farm to table restaurant that just so happens to be very Vegan-friendly. In fact, our next Vegan Omaha Meetup is there on August 11th! But back to the foodcrawl…

We started off  strong with some Heirloom Bean & Greens, Smokey Carrot & Lentil Soup and PB&J w/ Peach Preserves & Mixed Nut Butter.

I really love Kitchen Table’s sandwiches and this was no exception. Loved the Peach Preserves, so tasty. Everything was great and I look forward to coming back very soon.


Block 16– We love Block 16, as I’m sure you all do, too. We’ve had some pretty cool Meetups there and I can wait to do another one soon. Oh, and they also supply every Omaha Vegan Drinks with sandwiches! Block 16 does it all.

Block 16 loves Vegans!

Mmmmm! So what we have here is a Mini Jackfruit Taco, a “Meatball” Slider and Gangsta & Dirty Fries. The Slider was amazing, I feel like I can eat 10 of those. The Jackfruit Tacos are the Vegan special for the month, so make sure you get one before the month’s out. But holy crap, those Gangsta & Dirty Fries…..where have these been all my life??? Damn they were good. I’m going to have to bug Block 16 to make them again. So good.


Indian Oven– For some reason I’ve never been to Indian Oven, thankfully that changed on the foodcrawl!

Vegan Menu!

Our candlelit dinner consisted of Bartha Ganouj, Pakoras and Stuffed Paratha. Pretty good stuff! I definitely have to go back to explore their normal Vegan options.


Bliss Bakery– Our final stop was, of course, dessert! We headed to Bliss Bakery, which makes Vegan pastries by request. Call ahead and they will whip you up something Vegan. And of course, next door is Aromas Coffeehouse so you have a great spot to chill, eat dessert and drink coffee.

What a way to end the foodcrawl! A Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake, A Strawberry Cupcake and a Lemon Coconut Cookie. The Strawberry Cupcake was insanely good, I need those in my life. I think a Vegan Coffee Social at Bliss/Aromas is in order!

Well, that was a heck of a night. Thank you to Rachel at Dishcrawl Omaha for taking a chance on a Vegan foodcrawl, what a success! Hope to go on another one soon.


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Summer Events!

And just like that, it’s July already! Pretty crazy, huh? 2013 is half over and 2014 no longer seems like an impossibility. Summer has been beautiful in Omaha, perfect for events! Omaha Vegan Drinks: June was amazing as usual. Great drinks, food, people and atmosphere.

Three new drinks right off the bat! And you know I had to try all three, right?

It’s hard to say which was my favorite. The two you see left to right are Not Just A Pretty Face and the Golden Hour. Very summery drinks, I loved them all!

The food for the night was the Block 16 Jackfruit Taco. Mmm-mm, hoping this becomes a Block 16 staple, or a the very least, I hope B16 tacos regularly. Soooo good!


Of course you have to have dessert! Isa made some Pink Lemonade Cookies. And yes, they were as yummy as they sound!

A great night! Special thanks to House of Loom for making us feel so welcome. Vegan Drinks: July is on the 25th this month, don’t miss it! Stay up to date at our Omaha Vegan Drinks Facebook page or the Omaha Vegan Drinks Twitter.

But before the next Vegan Drinks, Dishcrawl Omaha is having a Downtown Vegan Food Crawl and I couldn’t be more excited! Details are hush hush, but I’m sure you’ll be blown away. As an incentive to Vegan Omaha followers, Dishcrawl Omaha is offering a $5 off coupon code. Use code “omahavegan” at checkout. Hope to see you there!

I also want to mention Kitchen Table (14th & Farnam) and Tropical Smoothie Cafe (Papillion) has some great Vegan options that you need to check out asap. Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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