Block 16 Vietnamese Feast

As most of you know, Block 16 has been kicking ass when its comes to Vegan options. On any given day they have 3 or 4 choices that are mouth wateringly delicious. And on top of that, Block 16 has catered almost every Omaha Vegan Drinks with spectacular sandwiches. The owners, Paul and Jess, have been very accommodating and kind. So make sure you visit them often!

We were lucky enough to have a Meetup at Block 16 last summer. If you were there you know how amazing it was. This time, we were treated with a Vietnamese themed Meetup!

I love some Bahn Mi and this was no exception! The salad was amazing too; spicy, pickley and peanuty.


The refreshment of the night was lemongrass iced tea. Mmm, I wish they always had this for sale. Sooo good!


I’m not very familiar with pho, but I was really impressed. It’s a big soup with broth, tofu, rice noodles, fresh herbs and tons of veggies. Paul made the broth from scratch, and it was really rich and flavorful.


And the best part is you could add tons of basil, fresh lime juice and bean sprouts at your discretion. I added a lot.


Once again, Isa provided the delectable dessert, Blueberry Bliss Cheesecake, made from tofu, coconut and cashews.  What a way to end the night!


And last but not least, thank you to everyone who took a leap of faith and rsvped and paid to come to the Meetup. I hope you found it worth every penny. We sold out 28 seats in less than 12 hours, pretty crazy. Look for more Block 16 Meetups in the future and jackfruit tacos at Omaha Vegan Drinks this Thursday!

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Pepe’s Bistro & Omaha Vegan Drinks: May

It’s hard to believe June is already here, but let’s look back at Vegan Omaha’s activity-filled May!  First off, we visited Pepe’s Bistro at the new location on South 13th Street in Lincoln. This is our third Meetup at Pepe’s and it won’t be our last!

The menus included delectable items such as the Sweet Potato Quesadilla and the Chili Relleno. And of course Pepe’s signature guacamole!

I personally love the new location and judging by the large crowd, you do too! Thank you, Pepe, for making such wonderful food.

After a month off, Omaha Vegan Drinks at House of Loom reemerged in May with another fun social outing. And most importantly, the Vegan Grasshopper returned!

Jocelyn makes it look easy, but there’s a little work involved in making your Vegan Grasshopper.

Block 16 once again provided nommy sandwiches to go with our exquisite drinks. The sandwich this month was the Vegan BLT. Two kinds of seitan? We’re in.

Another great turnout with a mixture of regulars and newbies made Omaha Vegan Drinks: May a night to remember!

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Spring Events!

Spring is here! Well, I’m just going to gloss over the snow we just had, but technically it’s Spring. In the next two months, there are some cool events you should check out!

Omaha Vegan Drinks (March 28th)

Your favorite bartenders are back for the newest edition of Omaha Vegan Drinks at House of Loom! Last month was amazing with a Horchata that was to die for. What wondrous thing will Benjamin think of next? Come see! Also, don’t forget to reserve your Block 16 Vegan Italian Sausage, sooo good. No Omaha Vegan Drinks in April (vacation!), so get your fix now.

Crystal Jade Spring Buffet (April 7th)

Everyone’s favorite buffet is back! Yes, the Crystal Jade Spring Buffet is sure to start your Spring off right. All of your favorites will be there (in my case, the Lucky 7.)  Can’t wait!

Pepe’s (May 12th)

After Mother Nature decided to cancel our Pepe’s Meetup earlier this month, Pepe and I have come up with the snow-friendly and farmers market-friendly date of May 12. If you haven’t been to Pepe’s new location, now’s the time. And there’s that Vegan Avocado Cheesecake that you know you want to devour 🙂 See ya soon!

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Omaha Vegan Drinks: January

Already three events deep into our partnership with House of Loom, it really feels like it was meant to be. The drinks, the staff and the atmosphere has been perfect. For Omaha Vegan Drinks January, our trusty bartender Benjamin promised a Vegan Grasshopper and he absolutely delivered. Isn’t it pretty? Seriously, one of my favorite drinks so far.

And even if a Vegan Grasshopper isn’t your style, there was more than enough awesomeness on the menu. Tomato Basil Gimlit, Meyer Lemon Press and Sailor’s Julip, hello! Creative and delicious.

After a month long break, the ladies from Brie it On were back! They brought some of their delectable Vegan cheeses. Everyone loves them, so don’t forget they can cater your next party!

Once again, Block 16 provided the sandwiches for the night. I probably say this every time, but the Tofu Fishwich is their best sandwich yet! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Oh and the pretzel is still to die for.

And finally, at the last Vegan Drinks I started a tradition of making cookies. As some of you know, I’m one of the Laziest Vegans out there, but I thought it would be a lot of fun and god knows I like cookies. Also, Isa has been out of town, so if nothing else, her spirit is there in the form of baked goods. If you enjoyed them here’s the recipe.

Thanks to everyone who came out on Thursday and I hope to see you all next month at Omaha Vegan Drinks: February!


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Crystal Jade & Omaha Vegan Drinks: December

Talk about a great end of the year for Vegan Omaha! On December 16th, Crystal Jade hosted another amazing buffet and made our holiday wishes come true.

Crystal Jade seems to be one of the more popular Meetups and it’s easy to see why. All-you-can-eat Vegan food, a great selection, super-friendly service and a price that can not be beat. You know I’ll be planning the next Crystal Jade Meetup soon!

And on December 27th we had our second Omaha Vegan Drinks at House of Loom. I can’t even tell you how pleased I am with the House of Loom staff. They have turned this little thing I’ve always wanted to do into a reality. Just look at this cocktail list…

Completely different offerings for the new month! Benjamin has done some crazy research so us Vegans can drink in style. You can see Benjamin and Jocelyn putting together the amazing Vegan Nog. It was hella good! To prove it, I consumed four.

So, in addition to the fact you are getting the best Vegan cocktails in Omaha (and probably the country), Block 16 is delivering superb gourmet Vegan sandwiches to House of Loom. This month the choices were a Seared Cambodian Curry Tofu Sandwich with Roasted Veggies or the Homemade Soft Pretzel. As you can see below, this is atypical bar food for an atypical bar.

Thank you to House of Loom, Block 16 and especially all of the attendees. You are proving that there is a market for Vegan things in Omaha. I’m really excited to see where the city will be in a year. Now, let’s start working on those Vegan donuts!


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